My name is Modeckai Joram Mwahalende, I am a holder of a Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from St. Joseph University in Tanzania. I was so excited to find Electrical Engineer position was advertised at your company, I believe in my ability and skills to become a useful team player at your company. 


My skills and educational career makes me competent to contribute toward the success of your company by Designing, maintaining, or improving electrical instruments, facilitates, components, equipment products, or systems for industrial, commercial or domestic purposes, Conferring with customers, engineers, and others to discuss existing or potential engineering products or projects, Ensuring the installation and operations conform to standards and customer requirements by preparing electrical systems specifications, technical drawings or topographical maps, Ensuring compliance with specifications, codes, or customer requirements by directing or coordinating installation, maintenance, documentation, support or testing activities, Writing reports and compiling data regarding existing and potential electrical engineering projects and studies, Preparing specifications for purchases of electrical equipment and materials, Estimating material, labor, or construction costs for budget preparation. Supervising or training project team members.  Also, I’m highly experience in using or a desire to learn required software, Knowledge of applicable codes related to electronic engineering, Proficient in design and calculation software, Knowledge in Computer Skills based on Microsoft Word, Excell, Publisher, Power Point, Access, Data Base Management, Website design and Development. 


Also, I’m inspired to practice team work, having good relationship with my co-workers and possessing great interpersonal skills, capable to deliver what was expected of me and work well and calm under pressure. Therefore, it is my expectation that my application will be considered. I am humbly looking forward to discuss with you the employment opportunity. 


Yours faithfully, 

Modeckai Joram Mwahalende  


Curriculum Vitae (CV)