Karambezi Cafe is a restaurant that is located at Masaki around Seacliff Area. It is at the Cliff bordered by the Indian Ocean. The place has a very nice view.

This place offers classic service that is international level. Karambezi is a stop for many foreigners visiting Tanzania. I think even if it’s you visiting Tanzania and have a friend next time who wants to come to Tanzania, You will recommend them to visit this place.

This place offers great food and drinks including alcohol and international cocktails. If it comes to reviews, Everyone visiting the place says they offer great food and being the best around the area. What comes a small defect is that the food and drinks are super expensive compared to other places in Tanzania. The prices of drinks and food are triple or more compared to other normal standard place. 

Some people visiting this place go there for a date, others birthday, meeting and more similar occasions. The place is just special and a must have fun especially during the weekends.