BRELA required owners of existing companies that were registered prior to inception of the ORS system to update their respective company details into the ORS.

The update of information is necessary whenever you need to add a new shareholder of the company, removing a shareholder sometimes change of business plan or anything regarding new updates of the company.

Procedures to update existing company details into ORS

Step 1: Visit the Online Registration System (ORS) – link at the end of this post.

Step 2: Log into ORS system

Step 3: Click New e-service then select Company. Under service type select Filing an annual return/accounts then click Proceed.

Step 4: Under Search enter Incorporation/Compliance number of a previously registered company eg. 12345 then click Search button. Company name and Incorporation date will be loaded from BRELA database. Under Company type select the Type of your Company. Then click Proceed.

In case you get the error Such company was not found in the Company Registry, you should contact BRELA using the mobile phone numbers indicated in the ORS homepage under ORS technical support.

Step 5: Under Applicant fill in the Representation Statement.

Step 6: Under Information about Company, fill Accounting date that is the date the company will be filing annual returns in the ORS, enter TIN number as provided by TRA, then click Check TIN button to verify TIN number with TRA database.

Step 7: Under Principal place of business/Registered office/Registered office in Tanzania fill in the required information.

Step 8: Under Business activity, select appropriate ISIC codes relevant to your company.

Step 9: Under Directors, select appropriate Type whether Natural person or Other. For Natural person, select Origin of Natural person whether Local or Foreign. Local natural persons will require you to provide National Identification Number whereas Foreign natural person will require you to provide Passport Number. With Local natural persons, you will be required to provide TIN and verify it with TRA.

Step 10: Under Company secretary fill appropriate information.

Step 11: Under Persons who can update data in ORS fill appropriate information. Fill other sections with appropriate information then click Proceed.

Step 12: In the Upload attachment step, click Refresh button to display Consolidated form for company under Printouts click Download button to download, print, sign and scan.

Step 13: Under Attachments section, please select appropriate attachment and click Upload button. Please name your attachments with form names and years to facilitate processing. For example if required to upload Annual Return Form Number 128 of 2010, please name it appropriately Form 128-2010 – Amended.pdf. After you have supplied all attachments click I agree with privacy policy and liability terms acceptance agreement to read and agree to privacy and liability terms, then click Proceed.

Step 14: In the Confirm payment step, click Proceed button. Your information will be submitted to BRELA for processing. BRELA staff will check if the information you supplied conform with your file and they will notify you.

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