1. Visit BRELA ORS web address – link at the end of this post.
  2. Log in using your username and password.
  3. Select New e-services.
  4. Select Trade and Services Marks in order to file new application for registration or filing of other documents.
  5. Select Information Services in order to request search (standard or custom).
  6. Select New application for application of registration of a new Trade or Service mark or filing of other documents other than new application.
  7. Item No. 1 requires personal particulars of the Applicant, such an applicant can be a natural person or legal person (required particulars of the Applicant are full names of the Applicant, National Identification Number from NIDA for natural persons; incorporation number if Applicant is a company; physical residential address of the Applicant; status of the Applicant).
  8. Item No. 2 requires particulars of the owner, such an applicant can be either legal person or natural person. If the Applicant is a legal person insert incorporation number and for the natural person insert National Identification Number from NIDA as a mandatory requirement.
  9. Item No. 3 is for technical particulars of the trade or service mark application eg. Class of a mark in accordance with the NICE Classification of Goods and Services, type goods or services, etc.
  10. Proceed to print, sign and upload the Consolidated Form
  11. Proceed to attach Consolidated Form and Image of the proposed Mark (in case of a logo or both word and logo)
  12. Proceed to payment of Application fees 50,000/= and Advertisement fees Tsh 15,000/= through electronic mode: M-pesa, Tigo Pesa, airtelmoney, NMB or CRDB Bank. Click here to view BRELA Fees
  13. Then send to BRELA for processing.

BRELA will communicate by sending notification of decision to the Applicant where an application can be absolutely accepted, accepted with a condition or requirement to meet some conditions for consideration, advertised before acceptance or refused.

If the mark is conditionally accepted, the Applicant will be required to comply with the condition which can be a disclaimer or an association, or any other condition entered by the Registrar (filed through ORS filing of other documents).

If the mark is absolutely accepted it will be published for sixty days on the Patent, Trade and Service Marks Journal (available for free on ORS), then the applicant will be required to file form TM/SM 8 and pay registration fee for issuance of registration certificate (filed through ORS filing of other documents).

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