What is Brela?

BRELA – Business Registration and Licencing Agency

ORS – Online Registration System

Just as from the given abbreviations above, Brela is a Tanzanian government agency under the ministry of Industry and Trade. It is generally responsible for registration of Business Names and companies to be recognized as legal working businesses in Tanzania.

Upon searching you may come across the term Brela ORS, If you don’t understand its quite confusing. It simply means Brela Online Registration System

In this article I am going to share with you important details about Brela which regard the company registration, business names and most commonly asked questions about brela.

To make the details short. I will share with you the necessary links of which they will direct you to the query you are trying to find out on Brela.

Links and Shortcuts

Brela Contacts

Suppose you have not found what you are looking for in regard to Brela, You may use these numbers to contact the office representatives for more clarifications.

Call Center+2255 (0) 22 2212800

Telephone+255 (0) 22 2181344